Poseray triangulation

Started by Dune, November 07, 2019, 04:56:51 am

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As far as I know, Poseray automatically triangulates squares. Does anyone know how to avoid that? It makes it more difficult to later double the density, say in LW or ZB.

What I usually do in Poseray is group parts according to the materials used, so less groups remain. I then convert the materials to groups, so there are no double texture imports later on in TG (I can of course assign one default shader to several parts, but I hate the long lists). After Poseray, in ZB I'd like to just increase density of (part of) the face, but I think that would be better from squares than triangles.

j meyer

As far as I know you can't avoid triangulation when using P-ray.
So either learn how to do grouping by mats in LW or use something
easy like Wings3d. Grouping is easy there and imports well to TG.
On the other hand there might be problems with ZB.
Maybe you'll have to re-design your workflow to find the best solution.


Thanks Jochen. I think I need to do that indeed, shouldn't be hard in LW either, but Poseary was just easy.
But I subdivided the face only in Poseray now, and worked on the object in ZB and that did well enough. The extra points in the head didn't make a line or some distinction between torso and head. Better still would probably be to have those extra points attached by triangulation (which ZB does when a part is subdivided).