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Started by gasbutan, November 11, 2019, 01:13:43 PM

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Quote from: gasbutan on November 17, 2019, 12:30:56 PMAdding chromatic aberration is an interesting idea.
I would keep the center in white and just color the edges in red and blue:


It is a cool effect but it's only really suitable for shallows at a certain depth. Super high shallows are too close to the surface for the effect, and as you go deeper, spectrums are entirely blocked out leaving just the blue spectrum. I posted a spectrum chart by depth somewhere around here.  I think the sun also requires a certain inclination on the horizon for best prism effect. Top-down (mid-day) would produce very little if any.


Nice shallow water at about couple feet. It relies again on depth of water, and refraction angle. For example, high son doesn't provide this effect well, as it's not at a sharp angle cutting through the water, a refracting off the back sides of water ripples. Ripple strength is another facter. Rougher waters breakup the nice prism effect. You'll notice these soft prism effects come from pool water, ponds, shore surfaces, etc, areas where it's calm. Water quality also plays a huge role. For example, the heavily teas and silted water of peat-type lakes cuts these effects at the surface.

Here is a nice diagram regarding penetration of wavelengths. For ocean scenes, you will not notice most this effect going much beyond the shallows due to intensity and falloff of spectrums.