Gantz Graf

Started by Lucio, November 13, 2007, 08:27:56 pm

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I've recently discovered this video from the 2002 Autechre EP "Gantz Graf"

What to say... facing a masterpiece.


nicely synchronized.....I would love to see that against a song rather than random does have lot of energy...and it would also make a good visualizer for some media player....nice find....
"His blood-terragen level is 99.99%...he is definitely drunk on Terragen!"


This is some thing stylistically that in experimental animation that is hardly new, the dynamic triggering of sound via animation is some thing that has been done since the mid-late 1980's but done with hand drawn animation. The is a dynamic discord between the music (sic) and animation designed to provoke a feeling of been fractured or shattered in the mind, the vary being of the viewer at both the physical and psychological level. 

The random (Semi) nature of the sound/ music scape (sic) and the color pallet of the animation provide the auditory and visual counterpoint in the mind of the viewer that for a time takes you on a journey of sorts for the brief time you are watching.

Regards to you.