Whirl cloud

Started by Chris-HB, March 13, 2020, 08:47:24 am

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How do I make a whirl cloud?

I am thinking about a planet view from space where something like a hurricane should be visible. I understand that I need to apply some kind of shader to my cloud cover, but which one and how? In the easy cloud window, I have tried to apply some of the transform/warp shaders by means of the "Mask by shader (BETA)" field. But when I do this and render, my cloud cover simply disappears from the image altogether. So this is obviously not the right way.

Does anybody know a solution?


Search....vortex,, hurricane,,,or tornado

or have a look here
Mr.Lampost has a tgd file share posted from awhile back

or visit the Cloud Library in File Sharing section....lots of file shares and experiments on the forum  :)


Thank you, I will do so! :)