The construction site "Death Star"

Started by DocCharly65, March 26, 2020, 08:08:33 am

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March 26, 2020, 08:08:33 am Last Edit: March 26, 2020, 08:15:17 am by DocCharly65
It is what it is... the construction site "Death Star" :)


Many recycled models as e.g. the hall, which already served as a federation hangar in older renders.
New models are e.g:

Construction Woman with Blueprints by axyzdesign on CGTrader
Truck TOYOTA N071013 by Milian Mario on
Concrete mixers by Olek  on
Industrial Silo_6 by Max3dModel on Turbosquid
Worker CATRig Pose A by constantin958 on CGTrader
Building assistant Mei was originally just "Mei" from Renderpeople - but now with a helmet... I couldn't resist :)
Modular Scaffolding Set by gooseman on CGTrader

Just a little guide:

You Are Here.jpg


How much do plumbers make on this site? Great stuff as always.  ;D



Flushes a mass!

(What a humor)


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Thanks all :)
It goes on step by step. Perhaps soon a little faster, because our company will register short-time work currently ...  ::)

at the moment I develope an important delivery ... A coseup and the whole pic:

200328_0847a.jpg 200328_0847b.jpg

For a better look in animation I used Blender3D and played around with the "Lifting Crane Console by Genkot30 on CGTrader"
One step was a complete remapping and retexturing in Poseray but in Blender it was easier to separate the object parts.
Also I wanted a slightly swaying load, while the movement shouldn't look too stiff and unnatural. The cable routing was a bit of a problem and I spent some time rigging until I had what I wanted:


For the product presentation sticker I have provided a toilet with a sticker that can really be bought on Amazon. The picture is then simply a Poseray preview export. Use and purpose? I thought to myself, where if not here?

Now it's time to remember how to make a floor a bit dirty ... at home it's no problem - my cat always helps me with that... but in a TG render... tests are running ;D


Great! I love those absurd details!

Dirt; add surface layer under default floor and mask by world scale fractal for some dirt. Add (colored and slightly displaced) world dirt as child.


Thanks Ulco, I vaguely remember doing it this way (I think it was the pool house - dirt and even puddles)


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
A Death Star toilet!!! Hilarious!!!

j meyer

A merchandising item Mr.Lucas has not thought of yet,
at least to my knowledge. ;)


Thanks, but I think Mr.Lucas has thought of that... otherwise I wouldn't have found it on Amazon ;D

Over night I did something weird but successfully in my eyes: I let an animation render only variations of the powerfractal for dirt by animating the random seed from 10000 to 11000 als linear curve. The Color is a mix of three quite bright layers. I think it has a nice look and coverage of some scattered cement, dust, dirt and sand.

Finally I chose this one:
(The actually running renderjob will look a bit better. In this testrender I forgot to increase the GI... ::)  )


For a closer look on the luxury toilet I'll add a zoomed view later, too.


Isn't the floor too shiny? I would guess with all the walking and shoving toilets around, it would be duller and dustier.