Driving coverage adjust downstream

Started by Moodles, September 29, 2021, 05:34:26 PM

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Hi guys, been a while since I last posted...

I have a question regarding coverage adjust, is it possible to modify this downstream of a node outputting in scalar?
Pretty sure the solution is gonna be facepalmingly simple but I can't immediately think of an elegant way to do it.



Not really, it manually set and thats that. You could use multiple soft minimum scalars and drive them with scalars to control multiple with same values or modulated values.


That's a good idea, I currently have a near duplicate of the original cloud fractal driving a reduced coverage network in parallel. However this seems like less of a performance impacting option


"Coverage adjust" is really just an offset; it's just adding or substracting. You can follow a Cloud Fractal Shader with an "Add Scalar" and use the second input to apply any offset you want.
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