Lost Lake

Started by Gannaingh, May 23, 2020, 01:27:15 am

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It seems you can't go 20 miles without running into a Lost Lake so it's a fitting name when I couldn't think of something clever. I tried using Path Tracing to get some better detail in the shadows, but even low quality setting crop renders were unacceptably long. All plants are from Xfrog or NWDA and no edits were made to the image beyond combining a couple crop renders, so hopefully this looks less blue than my last image.


Terrific render! Good that you didn't blur the lake, I love the subtle waves and stripes. The right side is a bit on the dark side. The trouble is always that a 'photographic' image is not how you would perceive it in real life; then your eyes would adjust as soon as you look to the right. So, what is reality? Love it anyway.
Perhaps some low bushes on the right have a tad too much translucency? They subtly 'light up'.


This is lovely. I like the clearly. It actually reminds me of the canyon river I'm Red Dead Redemption 2, just more realistic and densely forested. Great work.

Jo Kariboo

You rarely post but you are in my opinion the one who excels best in realistic scenes (photographs) vegetation distribution.


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I am going here later today.....ready for a break! Just great Gannaingh! :)
Echo Jo!

So sorry, my first edit had your name incorrect.


Beautiful, reminds me of BC

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Beautiful!! Nevertheless I think, rendered with the path tracer it would look even more realistic!

Agura Nata

Great Render and landscape! :)
"Live and Learn!"


Thanks everybody!

The Path Tracing would really help reduce the "glow" of the plants in the shadows. I'll play around and see if I can get it to work in an acceptable time frame


What a nice scenery, superb scene, looks very real and realistic.



Beautiful render !


Beautiful, natural looking and convincing. Great!


As usual, I love seeing your work!
Rendering it with the PT would indeed be a good choice in this situation.


I was able to finagle my render and scene settings enough to get a version of the scene rendered using path tracing. The glowing plants were eliminated, but I was mildly disappointed at how dark the dense vegetation on the right hand edge of the screen, but if I really think about it, it is probably realistic since the "camera" is focused on the more illuminated background. I'm going to do a bit of post process editing to see if I can get a natural looking version with a bit more light in the shadows.