Wiki Tabs Barely Visible

Started by SuddenPlanet, May 22, 2020, 11:29:26 AM

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Anyone else seeing this?  The Tabs at the top of the Wiki Page are barely visible.


Yes the same here. I use Firefox but it is the same with Edge and Opera.


It's because of the random text showing that shouldn't be there "Views" and "Personal tools".

If you delete the
<h2>Views</h2> the menu is fixed.


Well where did that "Views" text come from?  Can someone with Wiki access permanently delete it?


Unfortunately it seems template based so a admin would have to take a look. Seems odd it just popped up. Perhaps a update was done or a plugin installed that wonked something.


For now, you can use "Greasemonkey" on Firefox or "Userscripts" and use this script I quickly slapped together to fix it:

Honestly not sure why the menu titles are all out of whack so just hid them altogether. They were pretty useless.

I would have made this a much simpler Userstyle with just CSS, but the website is seriously messed up. Hardly loading, posting styles just takes you to your manage account page. Really weird.