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Started by RogueNZ, June 05, 2020, 09:58:11 am

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Thanks all for your help, and to N-drju who was able to replicate the issue! At least I know my issue is not solvable without some seriousness headaches trying to shift the scene, so I'll have to work around it. Will learn not to move the planet origin next time! I suspected it could be a floating point accuracy issue, but like Dune pointed out it's not been a common issue even with people rendering very large scenes plenty of times before. The other confusing thing is that the object looks fine when hovering the mouse over it in the viewport (or in the non-raytraced preview).


QuoteI am pretty sure it is a floating point inaccuracy, not a TGN bug.

Could very well be. I placed a model at the same coordinates and can confirm RogueNZ and N-drju's results. Another good reason to work near the world origin, I guess.

j meyer

Strange effect, but nonetheless good luck to you.


Quote from: N-drju on July 02, 2020, 02:29:03 am
Quote from: sboerner on July 02, 2020, 02:08:51 amI don't use Blender so I could be wrong here, but the edge loops in your wireframe look suspicious to me, as if there might be some nonmanifold geometry lurking there. Could just be the screenshot, though.

Good point. I also found these somewhat puzzling.


Looks like some extraneous plane's lurking inside the mesh. Did you cut this with the Blender knife tool?  If you select "wireframe" mode (or maybe "x-ray mode) in Blender you might actually see the planes if that's what this is. It looks like some stuff I've had to fix in the past.

@RogueNZ - I'd suggest you remake the object in Blender using a stretched and bent cylinder primitive for the line. I used it several times now for wires and it has never been a problem. I can even make you one if you wish, as long as you provide the specs.


I learned this especially with the VR contest in the past.
I tried to make a scene with two planets and one scene on planet 1 and on planet 2 at the same time.
I got all kind of problems on planet 2. You just have to plane in the beginning if you need something like that or-and just cheat.
The best is certainly just working near the default planet. If your scene is not something drastic you will be fine.
Anything excessive you will have to cheat in this or that way (like using easy things like small planets, small spaceships etc.)
This is the same in every other 3D software so far i know.
Good that you found the problem at least. I am curious of your project. It looks quite promising.


Whew, got it finished in the end, minus the fancy rope work. Looking back, I almost think this is too cluttered, the simplicity of some of the earlier renders seem a bit more pleasing to look at. But I hope the extra detail and effort might impress some judges!

Thanks all for the assistance along the way! It's been a busy few weeks so apologies if I didn't respond to a suggestion


Great final. You don't really miss the wires. Good luck!


Really nice. Great mood.  8)
Glad to see you got it done.
Quote me as saying I was misquoted


Terrific result, and plenty impressive as is. Good luck.

Jo Kariboo

Very nice picture. I really like the light. You have found a very good alternative to your cable problem! Good luck!


I'm happy you made it on time. This was a really nice project. :)
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Lovely image. A very accurate resemblance to that controversial moon shot that famous photographer put out a few years back.



Many senses of travelers represented here! Great mood and lights! Good luck!


Great mood, and great sense of scale too!