Is there a way to make a loop for the clouds movement?

Started by MaliciousTable, June 08, 2020, 01:28:15 pm

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I am trying to make a clouds animation (e.g. moving the clouds generated by Terragen from east to west) that lasts infinitely. Is there a way to do that?


Welcome to the forums! I think you could do it by making a cloud coverage mask in a graphics program. Then, applying this image as the cloud's density shader and checking the repeat x, y boxes. This should result in the same pattern being visually repeated over and over.

There might be other ways, but this is what first came to my mind.
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What came to my mind at first were that you could use 2 cloud nodes,

with one not seen in the beginning and ending like the first one that is disappearing in the end.

Or easier just transform 1 cloud node in Y 360 degree like in the second example.

There are many more options you can use for the animated look of course. But this should be good probably for the first step.

Have a look at these examples. I don't like uploading animated GIF's as they are a littler bigger but i hope Matt don't mind these.

You can use X and Z too for animation of course but they look more chaotic in short videos.

Take care of the linear animation of keyframes or you will get slowing up and slowing down animation like in this 2 cloud example :)


You could use a different 2 cloud loop version version without any transform node and using 2 Localised clouds by checking "Move texture with clouds".
Animating the first cloud with its own parameters and animating the second cloud at the end to the place where the first cloud was if that makes sense.


I remembered there was another solution a few years back; if you search for cloud loop, this is one of the first finds: cloud loop


Thank you all for your answers.

I've seen this topic is covered in other threads, like this one:

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