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Started by Dune, June 12, 2020, 03:58:25 AM

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Great image Ulco!! A fantastic scenery.


That is a beautiful image Ulco. The lighting, the foliage and the mist create a wonderful setting for the stories that the travelers must be living as they labor up the scenic incline, and that messenger (?) speeding by on the galloping horse!  Sort of like 'The Canterbury Tales' done in Terragen. Lots of detail and interest: this has to be a strong contender! Good luck Ulco!


Thanks guys! Good luck to you all too! Good fun, such contests :) Makes you just want to do a little more.

j meyer

Nice one again. :)
I see good improvements on the clothes in general
and the tarpaulins onthe carts are great.
Good luck once more.


Wow! That is a really nice image!

Jo Kariboo

We can see your multiple talents here and not only on Terragen. It is probably one of the most technically complex images of the contest so far presented here. I like the set up of all the characters interacting. Good luck!


Thanks guys! It was indeed quite some work to make all the objects (though some I already had) and especially place them correctly and in a logical, storytelling way.


Nice one, Ulco! Love the point of view and am very curious about the contents of the enormous cask near the head of the line.

Good luck.


:)  That's what they'll be drinking when they get there!


Suspected as much. Maybe that's why that horseman is in such a hurry. :)



That's quite the image Ulco. Congrats
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Agree. He's probably knocked up a few more since.  ;D