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Started by Hannes, June 17, 2020, 08:24:06 AM

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Sorry for not creating a WIP thread. I simply forgot it during the creation process. Getting old... ;)

This is most likely going to be my entry named "Up and away".

Car and balloon model by Zacharias Reinhardt.
Eagle and hot air balloon models by Cadnav.
Architectural models by Sketchfab.
Birds by myself (Planetside File Sharing Section)

The original render has "GI surface details" on, which looks better than without imho. But on the car's balloons there's a strange Moirée pattern, when GISD is on. Without it it looks OK. So I took the freedom of rendering the balloon area without GISD and composed it in afterwards. As far as I understood the rules, it sounds allowed, since it's similar to render layers and compose them together.
Danny, if you think, it's not OK, please tell me, and I'll find another solution.

Postwork: Rescaling, contrast, chromatic aberration and sharpening.


A mind-blowing image! You've done it again Hannes. This scene has to be one of the most phantasmagorical mixture of detail and whimsy as I've ever seen created from any digital media app. Full of Wonder! You've set the bar really high here for the contest, not the first time either.  :)


Oh wow, thanks a lot for your kind words!!! :)


Whoa... that is one, crazy vehicle. Buildings are a nice addition from such a high altitude.

Did I get it right that this is your final render?
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Absolutely a great scene. I love it. What a way to travel. Too bad about the moiré, though it's barely visible I must say.


Thanks again, you all!!!

Quote from: N-drju on June 17, 2020, 09:15:55 AMDid I get it right that this is your final render?

Probably... :)

j meyer

Very, very nice image. 8)
Good luck.


That's definitely a strange artifact from GISD.

Really pleasant image with tons to wonder upon here. I really am enjoying it. Also kinda makes me want to watch I think Harry Potter 2 with the flying car.


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Quote from: WAS on June 17, 2020, 02:36:25 PMAlso kinda makes me want to watch I think Harry Potter 2 with the flying car.
Yes, that's what I thought as well!

Thanks, Jordan and Jochen!!


I would have a hard time to choose between this one and "Fly me to the moon" :-\ But as I am not in your shoes, I do not need to ;)

As you surely have guessed from my comments, the Astronaut scene looks really perfect to me (not necessarily for the contest)...

But if I may, I have some thoughts about this one on first impression:

- the passengers are too dark. I really would like to see them better in the car. And if somehow possible even catch a glimpse of the expressions in their faces.
Fun, joy, exitement or fear. THAT would make me as a viewer relate to the whole thing by a factor of 10, so to speak. Identify myself with the protagonists.

- perhaps the wind maschine / turbine which moves the car forward (right hand side on the back of the car) could have something that shows it is moving?
Like the paper strips that are tied to the outlet of a aircondition grid / grating? Just married? :)

- there should be flags blowing in the wind on the castles and in the village somewhere. Would make for some interesting coloured detail.

- and there should be people scattered on the ground. On the bridge. In the "streets". Some kind of live down there.
It looks like they are the only living souls around. Except for the birds, of course.

- and I was thinking, if the flock of birds behind the car balloons were a little bit more like a flock, more in some kind of order, swarm fashion.

- the blue-golden ballon takes away a little bit too much attention for me. I am not sure why he is there up in the sky. Is that a traveler too?

Sorry, for being so bold to have so many remarks. Of course you do know what works best for your intention. Just some thoughts...

CHeers, Klaus
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Thanks a lot, Klaus! These are some very good ideas.
I won't change the characters, because modifying them (and making it look good) would be quite time consuming. And I may run out of time a bit anyway. Next week I'll go on vacation, and I will be back after the deadline, so not too much time left for me. I'll see...



Fantastic work. Every meter of the image.