Travellers Competition work so far.

Started by Hetzen, July 05, 2020, 12:25:47 PM

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The models' quality is stunning. Wish I was right there on that rocking boat!
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Yeah it is a good model. They all came from Sketchfab. There was some tweaking with the textures and some geo, but not much.

Here are some work in progress shots. I was originally looking at doing an aerial view of a Scottish island but opted for the perspective of the boat in the end.


I do prefer the later rock displacements, although every image is fantastic. Rough sea and sky-good combo! Wonderful entry! Good luck! :)


That's some cool stuff! Good luck, Jon!


Nice ones. "Early_Cliff_Dev.jpg" looks especially interesting and usable for another scene.

Jo Kariboo

They all have interesting cliffs. Personally, I find it very inspiring Island_Early_View.jpg and Early_Colour_Blockout.jpg.


Thanks for showing these steps, Jon. I was just talking to Doug about breakdowns of a scene, and they can be very informative. Might do one myself.


You should do Ulco, as you say it's interesting to see how people get to their final image.