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Started by zaxxon, July 06, 2020, 11:56:42 AM

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Quote from: zaxxon on July 07, 2020, 10:19:15 AMHey Kadri, yes, it's all rendered in Terragen. Catmull Rom filter, path traced, 6.5 mp/6 AA. The Horses are from DAZ (Horse 2). There are three different surface texture sets; Bay, Gray, Black. I just used the diffuse maps. I was going to create some additional map types (the DAZ horse only comes with two maps - unless you buy the 'iray' pack), but the results seemed okay, so I left them as is. The image 'benefits' from all of the 'dust' and lit haze, so the horses get some 'back-lighting' and 'glow'. This is my first try at these horses, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. DAZ Studio is a clunky beast (but it is free), and the Horse 2 has a nice rig set-up (even though the constraints are too restricted imo). I'll put up a break-down of the image on Artstation in a couple of days. Thanks for your kind words!
Thanks. Curious about the breakdown.


Quote from: Barefoots on July 06, 2020, 09:43:27 PMExcellent work. Love the sense of movement you have captured.
That's what i want to say as well! Great! Good luck.


Here's a link to a break-down of the image.
Any questions? Ask away.


Thanks for the breakdown. Really enjoyed it! 😃
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Thanks Doug. I really like your breakdowns. The music gives it something extra too! Cool to see how the clouddust is subdued due to the clouds/sun later on.


Very nice composition. You can feel the power of the horses. I only saw the two coyotes/wolves in the background at the second glance. So I have the story that the horses were startled by the coyotes and are now on the run. You see: I love little stories that fit the picture or explain it.
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A gorgeous render, and and well balanced between photorealism and classical art.


Thanks folks!  The music is of course by Ennio Morricone from a"A Few Dollars More".  Love those 'spaghetti westerns'!  The inclusion of the 'cloudy sky' does really change the overall lighting making crop previews a lot more lengthy. I had intended to place some debris being kicked up under the horse's hooves, but the deadline was looming. However, I may make another render at some point.


Thanks for the breakdown. Really nice image!
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It's a great image. Thanks for showing how you made it.


Here's a link to the 4k final image on Artstation. I'm really bad at deadlines so my submission stands, but I wanted to make a 4k version with a couple of detail tweaks . Thanks for the kind words along the way, this was a fun contest! Thanks to Danny and the NWDA for yet another great idea and the shot at some cool prizes!