Reaching the Event Horizon

Started by KyL, July 06, 2020, 03:55:44 PM

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Submitted a while back but here is my entry:


From the movie Event Horizon, this is the ship that traveled to Hell... and back.

I originally found this great model a while ago and always wanted to pay a tribute to one of my favorite movies and this great spaceship design. The contest gave a good excuse to finally get it done!


Saw this posted and love it. Looks really good. The lights on the bow add so much to the sense of scale and realism. 
My wife says it one of her favorites so far. With the exception of course of mine. ! :P  ;D
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Jo Kariboo

The dark and catastrophic atmosphere is very well done. The anxiety is well described. Good luck!


Yes, this is one of my favorites too. Good luck. You may well finish second ;D

Btw. the website linked is reported as dangerous by my scanner. Probably false, but anyway.


Quote from: KyL on July 06, 2020, 03:55:44 PMFrom the movie Event Horizon, this is the ship that traveled to Hell... and back.

I knew it! :D

Actually, you have also created a very accurate, cold, gloomy weather that was, as far as I remember, present in the film.

Great movie by the way - I couldn't sleep for a week after watching it.
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I had a feeling that that might have been your image. The clouds and lighting are great. And the lightning.


Ominous! Great sky and atmo and outstanding object shaders! Good luck! :)


Really cool! I remember this movie as well. Good luck for you!

j meyer

Cool image and great mood.
Good luck.