Only a short live sign (from outside the galaxy)

Started by DocCharly65, July 17, 2020, 07:10:44 am

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...and here we go:

I will add at least one more animation, and the Coyote looking around is rendering again, because I want a smoother horizon. I chose a to small lake radius so the horizon is too sharp because its too close to the viewer.

Some postwork color adjustment, some nice comic sound effects and the next part of the "Federation in peaceful times" is ready.

Until then, I hope you have fun with this:




Haha super cute. I loved those cartoons.


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Thanks friends :)

Just a short story about how I got the insane idea to integrate Roadrunner and Wile e Coyote in a Star Trek fan film:

while creating the Airwolf scene I was on the search for many different warning notices and prohibition signs.
At first I didn't think about it or noticed anything special when I found this one:


The top half of the sign seemed just to be a serious ment warning and I thought it would look good on my chain-link fences:

Warehouse13A_CoyoteWarning NG190702 a.jpg  temp.0001.jpg

But while changing some things of the texture for the sign (more dirt to impress Hannes  ;D  and deleting the clean big nails)  I took the time to read it completely and I noticed it - they were talking about Wile e Coyote... ;D

The rest was just searching for an adaequat 3D model ... and the story took its course :)


;D ;D ;D Who knew that airport superintendents could have a sense of humor? In this case they did some of your work for you!


Quote from: sboerner on October 28, 2020, 11:02:49 am;D ;D ;D Who knew that airport superintendents could have a sense of humor? In this case they did some of your work for you!
First it was just a story -- you made a top story out of it ;D ;D ;D


Honestly I wish TG had better modeling and animation tools cause these scenes are really well done. Interiors and all. Would love to see a movie mostly rendered in TG.


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Quote from: WAS on October 28, 2020, 02:40:32 pmWould love to see a movie mostly rendered in TG.
you will! ... some day you will ;)

...and now something completely different - in several respects...

For me the "Easter Island with Platform, Roadrunner and Coyote" is finished. Some minor improvements and corrections are already in my render pipeline as I told.
I hope it's ok for you all that now I'm trying to make a Christmas film (not with a Christmas theme - only for my YT channel around Christmas time :)  )
Except of course, you force me with the threat of severe physical violence, first to finish the Easter Island scene and show it here - but that would not be wise, as I would have a few unreleased animations as a surprise for the final version ;)

The film part I want to publish at Christmas is intended as a reassurance for all those who, because of all the coyotes, Airwolf and other things, no longer believe that I wanted to make a Star Trek fan film.

I want to publish almost the full animation of the starting Federation fleet facing the final "End Boss"
Some Renders I already started in 2016 and earlier. Increasing some of my skills and Matt's great work on the TG features made me rendering soem them again and again...
Yesterday I had the final idea of a kind of home of the suspected (I love plot twist s ;) )  End Boss.

Just to make you a bit curious:


Here only a 17 frames testanimation:

The "alien?" - structure is a combination of 32 of tubes rotating in different angles with a texture composed of a glass shader, illumination and animated image map...


In the last post the files show the Enterprise short after entering the border of the sphere, which produces panic, pain... and - rubber ducks everywhere.

Here we see the Enterprise inside the structure...

Animation Alien Planet 001 ALIEN EGGS BIG TUNNEL - RAW Test Rendered - LQ.mp4

...of course at Christmas it will stay a cliffhanger but you can enjoy some starships again... :)


Incredible! I won't threaten you or conduct bodily harmfull actions against you :D , otherwise the long-awaited Xmas movie won't be shown either, and I'm raelly looking forward to that.


Wow that is beautiful. I love the last still!


Thanks :)
Rendertimes are quite long because of the 32 glass shaders so I gave my two fast i7 PCs the job...

...meanwhile my new Adama with hair instead of a helmet has done his first job. I think two or three shots about the captains should be added in a scene about a starting fleet.

Only a 2 seconds animation. Rendertime was quite fast. Nothing special except that I'm a little bit proud of one of my almost completely self-modelled faces.

Here the old version with helmet:
Animation Adama Alliierten Start - RAW Test Rendered - Helmet.mp4

Here the new one with hair:
Animation Adama Alliierten Start - RAW Test Rendered - Hair.mp4