Only a short live sign (from outside the galaxy)

Started by DocCharly65, July 17, 2020, 07:10:44 am

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Halftime :)

The "contact with the intruder" animations are still running. But as usual I did a test with one of my old music scores to have a better imagination if my idea works or not.

This one is officially invisible (not listed) on YT.
I used the original old MS Moviemaker again - just put all the rendered pictures into the timeline (except start and ending  - they are faded so I had to do a minimum of postwork)

If you don't want to spoil the fun, ignore this spoiler:


Beautiful and mysterious! I like the music too!!



Fantastic!!!! I didn't expect something else... :)


Really like this. Nice to see a bit of whimsy as well (the teddy bear). Might be fun to dress him up with a Klingon sash and a knife.


Thanks  :)

It's a kind of necessary tactics that most of my animations have some whimsy content. Step by step I've realized that my capabilities and those of my equipment are limited. E.g. real human characters are too difficult to be created and animated in a perfect way. So I mix more comic like actors like Abe or Lara Croft into the film, to get a balance between realism and comic art.

I still didn't see many realistic animated humans. The latest Princess Leia animations were already very close to perfection but human eye and brain cannot be fooled so easily. I can't define why but even with these highest quality work in StarWars there's something wrong. Funnily enough, Gollum in the 2nd part of LotR looks more realistic because it's something / a creature we humans are not used to see in our natural ambience.

Besides a little update. The closing gate needed some changes and now rerenders because I hated this unbalanced and exaggerated lighting effect. It will need some time - it's a construction of 68 scale-animated and rotating curved glasstubes. I hope in HQ render quality it looks as I want, but so far with the LQ Test Version I'm quite satified (640x360 Detail 0.01, AA 1):




Just a little interim report :)

I will need more time (as usual ;D ) but I have enough patience this time... I think for christmas I'll upload the short moose-animation from 2018 on YT - I only posted it here in the forum so far so I hope the YT audience will forgive me and be patient too.

The planed newest "teaser/trailer" will be bigger than I planned first:
I want to do a kind of summary in the style: "what happened so far"
Central element or climax will be the already shown but completely rerendered start of the federation fleet.
And all will "open- end" with an "almost look" at the intruder.

Because the end will have several story lines in parallel here comes just a hint what is rendering at the moment :

The professionals and connoisseurs among you will surely recognize which video game series I want to parody/quote. Guess - you have exactly ONE attempt! ;)



Meanwhile some things are much easier to handle since I found out that even Robbie the Rabbit can be animated with Mixamo.

...and the story goes on... :)



Thank you for the compliment but what does the YT Link mean? 
I am not sure if it's a good idea, self-promotion for external companies is probably not that popular here.


Quote from: DocCharly65 on December 02, 2020, 08:14:07 amThank you for the compliment but what does the YT Link mean?
I am not sure if it's a good idea, self-promotion for external companies is probably not that popular here.
This is spam for sure. I reported it to the moderator.

Cool animation!!!!!


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Thanks Hannes :)
(also for reporting / I did too)

I did some recherche and found out - the most authentic look for the most of these scenes would be like this  ;D ;D ;D :

Broken Lock.jpg


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While the last animation part of my this years little Christmas movie is rendering, I could insert some new work on the Silent Hill scene. The animation ist reduced to 720P on Microsofts Moviemaker for a small upload size.

More important to me was the test if I find an adaequat sound for the vibrating coin... I think the sound of a big stampede seems to work - though the scene will finally show the arrival of a big space ships fleet ;D

Later with my Magix studio I'll have more tracks for a better sound than in the Moviemaker with its only 2 tracks. The rumble sound will go on and anyway the arriving space ships will be some more... I just had not more rendered "arrival"- frames and I was too impatient to wait :)

Testrender The Coin.mp4