vertical line in 360 HDRI

Started by yaschan, July 24, 2020, 10:08:48 PM

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I don't know if you noticed, but the area also renders longer than the rest of the image too.

This current attempt is approaching near done but has buckets linger in the problem area.

Actually scratch that, not the problem area. Looked like it. Though interesting those specific areas are hanging.


Has anyone submitted a support request (<>) on this issue to get it into the ticketing system?


I think we were assuming it may be something to remedy with settings. But it looks like only ray trace everything is the only fix, which isn't recommended to even use, so I call bug.


OK, I will report it then.  Thanks!


Kevin Kipper

Hi Everyone,

We spoke to Matt about this issue and here's a summary of the discussion:

In the past these types of artifacts had multiple causes, and most of them have been fixed by now. There should no longer be horizontal line issues, and as far as we know the vertical lines only occur when using deferred shading.  "Ray Trace Everything" can fix the issue, but for good results you'll need to increase the Ray Detail Modifier to 1, and this results in a slow render. 

If you're using deferred shading, then we suspect the vertical lines may have something to do with adaptive sampling, therefore it might be fixable by using non-adaptive anti-aliasing (max samples).  It may also be fixable by ensuring the minimum number of samples per pixel is 1.  We have not tested this yet, so we're not sure.

Generally speaking, we recommend cropping the left and/or right edges in post.



Quote from: Kevin Kipper on March 22, 2021, 09:44:07 PMGenerally speaking, we recommend cropping the left and/or right edges in post.
Yeah I mentioned that earlier and from my test didn't affect geometry continuation. Things lined up fine. I tried with Ray Detail Modifier at 1 with ray trace everything and the render times were pretty abysmal.

I will try those last possible fixes.

Update: Well I can tell just how max samples is starting it's going to be slow as well. I am assuming samples per pixel at 1 may be the same.

These seem pretty drastic fixes for a simple seam issue? It does seem like it is some sort of seem issue, as at the poles, there is also a circle artifact around the pole, which looks like some sort of warping/mapping issue (of the camera itself?)


Max Samples didn't fix. Will try the other when I have more free time.