Scotland, or heathtest actually

Started by Dune, July 25, 2020, 07:40:00 am

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Beautiful render. Love the vegetations.

- Terje

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Very nice landscapes. I could put my "sort-of quarry stone wall" right in there :)

Some thoughts about placing the sheep for more realism:

- they are much closer together when grasing (is that the correct word for eating grass?)
- not necessarily the complete herd but in smaller groups, enough individuals to feel save
- the smaller groups are not quite that far from each other if they are from the same herd
- in a herd mothers with young ones would be standing a little bit further away from the rest of a group
- the rams / males as well

Overall there is not much difference to human behaviour in a group: Coward! Let me get behind that tree! ;0

CHeers, Klaus
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I like the mood here, especially in the last scene. The field looks lovely.

I do feel like time is missing from this piece (erosion). I can't really follow the terrain through time, it's just perliny/blobby.


There's an idea. Though not all land in Scotland is that eroded, it'd make it more interesting. Same for the sheep thoughts. I didn't really pay attention to their spread (as it was merely a heathland test :P ) Thanks guys.


I probably haven't seen too much from the highlands but from all the picturesque scenes I can call up in memory, and from a brief image search seem heavily eroded, rocky yes but you can see flows, sediment buildup around the bases of hills and rocky outcrops, etc.


You're right, there are some pretty rugged and eroded areas, and interesting to make. We lived in Scotland for a year, near Glenbuchat, and the terrain there is pretty smooth perlin-like. That's actually what I wanted to make initially.


Great image, great mood, I like the sense of depth. Several things spoil it though:
a) rocks seem off scale due to being polished. I would replace them with more detailed versions, make more rough and/or make smaller
b) the sheep on the road looks like a cut out plane.
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Thanks, and yes, I know some things are really awful, like the sheep. In the meantime I've added some huge rocks (fake stones of 1k) on hilltops, added Daniils erosion shader only for mountains a bit further than the heathered area (I didn't want to mess with that), masked snow by altitude (and smoothed that snowy terrain part 50%) and added the flowmask for some lower unsmoothed 'streams' of snow (which probably isn't very natural), and made some fur on the sheep (so now they're Jacobsheep), and redistributed them.
Also added some displacement to rock/cliffs after eroding.


This is great, Ulco, and I think you have a working glacial flow down. Even if it's because of distance it looks wonderful here. A very convincing scene.

Maybe the snow could be a little darker with maybe a little more blue translucency so the snow in shadow has more of a shadowed effect. Is the glacier just a low res flows map? Cause it looks promising.


I set the resolution of the erosion to 1024, and kept stone hardness at 0.1. not even a color adjust needed in the flowline. That's all. I think because of the relative smoothness of the lower area (without the high altitude huge fake stones) you easily get these big flows.


Beautiful composition and captures the essence of the Scottish Highlands to a 'T'.
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