Winners “Travelers” 2020 Theme Challenge

Started by DannyG, July 25, 2020, 04:19:08 PM

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New World Digital Art
Travelers Winners Announcement
It's been a rough couple of months, and staying safe is at the forefront of everyone's mind, but with everything going New World Digital Art hopes to have added a little inspiration and relief to the chaos. In May the "Travelers" Competition got underway, and entries closed on July 6th. Now that the voting process has completed, our sponsors, judges and us here at NWDA are excited to announce the winners!
So head on over to the "Travelers" Challenge page to view the winners!

Special thanks to the "Travelers" Challenge sponsors for equipping generations of artists with exceptional tools and assets to do what they do best
Special Thanks to Our Panel of Judges:
Congratulations to the following:
1st Place – Hannes Janetzko
2nd Place – Doug Campbell
3rd Place – Ulco Glimmerveen
Honorable Mention – Vincent Ferrand

Winners: Our sponsors will be in contact with you shortly using the emails you submitted your entries with.
*If you require a different email please contact me directly asap
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Congrats everyone! Some pretty amazing images and difficult choices I expect.! ;D

Jo Kariboo

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the organizers! :)


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:)  Yeah, great! I can't deny getting a kick out of it, and am surely pleased with Hannes at 1 and Doug at 2! Congratulations, guys! All Terragen winners, so big congratulations to Matt too!


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Congrats to the 3 winners and all participants.
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Holy moly!!!!!! Thanks a lot, guys!!!!! Congratulations to Doug, Ulco, Vincent and all other contestants. It's been a pleasure to see all your entries! :) :) :)


...and of course a big thanks to all sponsors, organizers, Danny and Matt for making this great piece of software!!! :) :) :)


I will tell you the Judges were back and forth a couple of times with these 3 images. Perhaps Alex or Greg can chime in if they stop by. Awesome images, well deserved wins, Again Congratulations !
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Wow! A clean sweep for Terragen! Not a surprise though. It's a pleasure to be in the company of Hannes and Ulco for the prizes, and congratulations to all of the contestants who put forth some amazing images. Thanks again to Danny and the folks of the NWDA to set this up, these events have to be a whole lot of work!