It's hot, so...

Started by Dune, August 11, 2020, 04:54:48 am

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Due to the recent heatwave, I thought to cool myself a bit. First attempts, not finished yet...


Cool!!! ;) ;) ;) ;)
In this case I prefer the RT render.


Yeah, so do I. The PT render also had more luminosity in the snow, which acted strange with the mist. Still experimenting....

j meyer

Also agree and am agog to see the next version.


Well, here you are. One version had a bit too much luminosity in the snow, so I reduced that in the latter version. I had also made some (fake) stones on the water plane itself, based on the mask for standing waves, and the use of it to warp the foam around the stones. Not completely succesful though, hard to get it right. I later transferred this fake stone layer to another plane right under the water plane.


The water in test 2 really works for me. I hope this has 'cooled you down'  :).  Excellent work and as my day also promises to be hot, I'll use this image to visualize some coolness of my own!

j meyer

Water and lighting in test 2. 8)



Beautiful trials Dune !
Are the stones fakestones or objects ???
Those snowy trees are very nice...... where did you get those ???


The snow is an addition of a soft SSS mask for the area offstream and a low octave perlin noise, raising both first (so you get small soft hillocks on terrain), then compute normal and (masked by same blobs+ offstream mask) lateral displacement for the bulging snow. The areas left untouched by that mask are filled with fake stones. The stream has its own SSS, which is warped differently from the snow area.
The trees are Speedtree, but I imported them in ZBrush and dynameshed them into blobs, exported as another object. Imported both with same seed and population variables, and added snow shader.