Slanted masked cloud

Started by sboerner, August 31, 2020, 04:23:40 pm

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OK. Let's say I have a cloud masked with a simple shape shader to create a nice vertical column. Now, I want to slant that column in a given direction. Both the column itself, and the underlying density fractal. Possible? 

I've tried twist and shear, warp input, and vector displacement shaders with no result. Maybe I'm connecting them the wrong way, not sure. 

Using V2 cloud with the density fractal plugged into the density shader slot, and the SSS plugged into the final density modulator.

Any hints would be appreciated . . . thanks.


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There are possibly other ways too. A crude example. If what you want is this.


Here's a stripped smoke column. It uses a surface layer for the lean. It matches the cloud altitude limits, and uses the fuzzy zone as the lean area limiter.


Kadri, Was, appreciate the quick responses.

Turns out I was pretty close . . . but I have a feeling I would have been at it for a while yet. Never would have considered using a twist and shear shader as the warper, but it works great.

In your first file, I noticed that with some seeds the cloud also appears outside of the masked area and occasionally completely obscures it. So I borrowed from my earlier attempt and piped the ps into the density slot and the sss into the final density slot, sending both through warpers warped by the same twist and shear shader. This is pretty much what I was looking for, so thanks for breaking my mental logjam.

Jordan, thanks for the share. That's an interesting file and there are a few things to parse there. Out of curiosity (I haven't tried this) would a distribution shader work as well in place of the surface layer?


Haven't looked at what's being offered, but I always use a fuzzy, alt restricted distribution shader or surface shader through a warper to give rain a angle (bowed a bit, like by wind). You can also just rotate the simple shape by transform shader, but that won't rotate the noise.