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Started by mr-miley, November 22, 2007, 05:20:57 am

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Hi there all  :D

Just to let you know I have added 2 new trees to my site for you to download. A Littleleaf Linden (Tilia Cordata, Come on,  admit it, your'e impressed I knew the Latin for that one, aren't you  ;D ) and a Hickory type thing. They both have image and displacement maps for the bark, and image and transparency maps for the leaves. The Hickory also has a displacement map for the leaves too. Both these were made by me. Please feel free to use and abuse.

The Link  http://www.gintdev.co.uk/mr-miley/tgos.html  They are at the bottom of the page.


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Thank you Mr Miley.

I always download your trees as they are a good high quality objects.

Just out of interest what's the process (and software) involved in creating tress like this? I assume you use some software for creating the tree object and then apply the image maps. Do you get the image maps from existing tree objects like xfrog or develop your own?




I model the trees using onyx tree broadleaf software or arbaro. I use my own image maps for the bark and leaves. When I say my own, some are royalty free off the internet, some are taken by friends of mine who do wildlife photography and are always on the lookout for me for leaves / bark etc while they are out. I have on occassion used xfrog bark or leaves but I usually have one hell of a job getting them to work.

Glad you like the tgos. I hope to be uploading more soon.


I love the smell of caffine in the morning


hey mr-miley...those are wonderful trees.....thanx for sharing them...

I also have onyx tree and I have always had trouble exporting it to obj with all the settings and checkboxes...its confusing me....can you please tell me your export settings....also I dont know how to bring in textures in onyx and also export them as maps in mtl.....

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Harvey Birdman

Hi, Mr. Miley!

Thanks, big guy. Awesome as always.

BTW, I'm working on a set of 4 Manzanita bushes (listening, Sethren?  :)  ). Haven't had time to do any actual rendering these days, but I'll probably finish these up sometime this week. I'll let you know when they're ready and you can add them to the collection.

And yes, I'm impressed with the Latin. Quit showing off.




Nicely done, and thanks for sharing :).  Would you care to upload those models to Ashundar, as well, so we can add them to our database?
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Hi all. Thanks for the thanks   :)

dhavalmistry, have you looked at the PDF instruction manual that comes with Onyx tree? Theres a section in the back that deals with all the settings for the various exports. From what I understand, the red settings (Transversal Resolution) control the resolution of the roundness of the trunk etc (higher number bigger file) and the blue settings define the resolution of the limb curving (smaller number, higher curve resolution, bigger file). I tend to set the red to between 5 & 15 and the blues to about 3-5. I usually export with plates rather than actual modeled leaves so I can use the image maps of real leaves. In the plates dialogue the "Number of p-objects" setting sets the number of different groups of leaves (each group of leaves shows up as a listing in the multi shader, the linden I just uploaded has the number of p-objects set to 3, thus 3 sets of leaves in the multishader). After I have exported the tree to an OBJ file I then load it into Poseray and apply the maps there. The reason I use Onyx Tree is that it exports to a UV mapped OBJ. If you then save the file again, over-writing the original and load it into Terragen you're away. Just reapply and displacement and opacity maps and right click the tree object in the Object node area and "save as"

Hope that any of that made sense  ;D

Harvey, Hi there. No worries, chuck them at me and I'll add them to the collection. Bushes are gooood, need more bushes. I've learned more latin after buggering around with things like OnyxTree than I ever would have done if I took it at school  ;D

OB... Hi there. Yeah, sorry about that, I always forget about Ashundar when it comes to uploading trees etc, I'll do it tomorrow when I'm in work  :D
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Thanks  for sharing Mr. Miley


lovely trees...many thanx, can never have too many.. ...
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