Jupiter kinda planet

Started by Kadri, September 21, 2020, 03:06:13 PM

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Wanted to make a Saturn like image with rings but lost interest.
Maybe i will shatter the small moon a little and call the image "Ring maker" or something i don't know.

But i am kinda pleased how the look of the big planet came out. That was the main focus at least. Fully procedural everything.
But as an image in general it is not exciting.  Still not sure where to go from here.

4K image here.


Looks a good pattern you've got going there.

Have you tried it in a thick atmosphere?


There are two clouds. One is 1000 m and the other 2000 m thick.
Atmosphere is kinda a standard one actually with only small changes.
It is all mostly only warp+redirect. Nothing complicated.
But took quite a time to get the look i want.


Very nice. The moon is cool, too.



You can always just add some rings later on. The way it is now is already handsome. :)

Quite a number of fine detail there. Good job!
"This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!"


The procedural approach certainly allows the surface to be animated, doesn't it? Great!


Thanks. Yes i tried a little. But to get a good looking animation needs more work.


Oh yes, please animate!!! Looks great!

Jo Kariboo

It's really intriguing, very nice result!


It is nice. Would also be kinda cool to see it animated


Thanks. Maybe i will have another go at it.