Deep snow example

Started by DSDunbar, December 27, 2006, 03:51:17 PM

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I used displacement in this image to create snow with depth


this snow is great!
can you pass displacement settings? ;)
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excellent.. and ty

love n stuff



Great bit of snow, nice dirty under-snow/ice... I've been experimenting with thick snow and it's quite hard to make it convincing.
Thanks, Simon.
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


had a play with this yesterday...very nice snow :)


Thanks a lot for the tgd!
I'm playing with it right now...
Giacomo the Jester - me, myself and more...


Thanks for posting this.  I'm trying to figure out this whole node thing and why you need to set things up in a certain way to get specific results.  So please forgive my dumb question.

I see in the surface node you have "Fractal breakup 03" (which is really -I think- "Power fractal shader v3.01").  The output of this goes into the "Breakup shader" input of "Surface layer 01".  The output of that then goes into the Displacement function of the "Snow" node.

My question is, why do you need to have "Surface layer 01" going into "displacement function" of "Snow" in order to make this work (i.e. deep snow)?  Having nothing in "displacement function" looks flat and going straight from "Fractal breakup 03" into the "displacement function" yeilds weird spikey results.  Disconnecting the "Fractal breakup 03" from the "Breaker shader" input of the "Surface layer 01" doesn't seem to change anything.

What's so special about adding "Surface layer01" into the "displacement function" of "Snow" that yeilds such convincing results?


The "Surface layer 01" is just providing color that is interpreted as displacement by the "Snow" layer. In this case it appears to be a fairly basic single color since Fractal Breakup doesn't seem to be enabled. The Displacement input takes a color input and interprets that as a sort of "height" value - i.e. displacement - where white/light = higher and black/dark = lower. The Snow layer then has "Smoothing" turned on, which is an effect only the Surface Layer currently provides, so that's why a Surface Layer is necessary in that case.

- Oshyan