CG Talks podcast - season 2

Started by Andrew_GF, October 13, 2020, 03:13:19 am

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Hi guys!

We've had already released the first episodes of the second season of CG Talks - a podcast where three CG guys talk about CG.

We took care of overall better technical quality and found new interesting topics to talk about.

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Here are the episodes:
links to episodes on Youtube

CG talks S02E01: DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? Maps, and frames- when and when not to go big 

There's a lot of buzz about 4k frames or higher as a future standard for film. How might that affect the 3d animation industry, and in what other ways do hi-res images play a part in the CG workflow? In this episode, DJ Andrew and Marco look into it!

CG talks S02E02: Epic Games battle is epic
In this podcast, Dj and Andrew discuss their thoughts and feelings on the current legal struggle between Epic Games and Apple, and how that impacts the CG industries, tools, and creators!

CG talks S02E03: Are there really rules in Art?
In this episode, Andrew, Marco, and DJ go over the timeless practices in art, the outlook on these practices today, and how our digital world has affected our perspectives on what Art is in the first place! 

CG talks S02E04: What is the best approach to modeling?
In this episode, Andrew, DJ, and Marco touch on the different aspects of modeling, what to look out for, when some rules can be broken and what lies on the horizon for 3d modeling in general.

Stay tuned for more!
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