Detail in Camera and RDM

Started by WAS, December 06, 2020, 03:00:47 AM

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Was messing around with PBR rocks and FS mixes for a river bottom and noticed something odd. Is this normal for detail in Camera, for the Ray Detail Multiplier to cascade away from 1 at the bottom of the viewport with Detail in Camera mode?

Update: Oh, my quick render camera was NOT detail in camera but Crop. So I suppose to remedy this in crop you adjust the padding?


Yes. Refraction causes you to see surfaces that are geometrically outside of the camera frustum, and a small amount of "Ray detail padding" (maybe 0.2) will probably fix it. For scenes with reflections or refractions at larger angles away from the camera you can also change the mode to "360 degrees (optimal)". You sometimes need that for shadows as well. Only use it if you need to because it adds to render times.
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Great way of explaining it. I forget sometimes TG is literally simulating a camera and lens and all.

Need to get more familiar with these settings in general. Still trying to budget a real camera at some point for textures and vegetation models.