Lakeside Cliff, Dark Cliff

Started by aknight0, September 09, 2020, 12:05:27 AM

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Very nicely done, both of them. Great work!



Noted in the node network, but extra visibility for credit where credit is due:

Color shaders for rock faces adapted from RichTwo's Two Views of a Different Place -,28192.0.html

Cracks: Cracks & Tension Fractures by WASasquatch,24600.msg250097.html#msg250097

Thanks for sharing, always learning!


Terrific images, and thank you for the shares. Looking forward to teasing them apart. Always learning.


Really nice cliff!  Glad you found use of my color shader setup (...but it really was adapted from Hannes' Default Scene .tgd.)
They're all wasted!

Jo Kariboo

Thank you so much, nice picture and set up!


A big thx for this! You might just restarted my TG carrier with your videos. I dropped TG 2 years ago due to lack of quality tutorials and being stuck on the learning curve. It's time to fire up TG again.
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Well, that's good to hear Atilla. You know you can always ask here!


excellent tutorials leading up to these examples, many thanks


I hadn't realized you made the tuts, aknight0. Good show!