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Started by Matt, May 07, 2014, 08:27:55 PM

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Since the SDK is still essentially in "beta", we will tend to err on the side of caution for anyone not well versed in graphics-related development in C++.

- Oshyan


Who determines the criteria for who is well versed VS who isn't? Being that there has been only 1 person that has released something with the SDK, one would think you would want this to as available as possible. I am not saying give it to any Tom Dick and Harry, but someone with coding experience may spawn an idea or new concept that can be built upon by Matt, Daniil or another Alpha tester with experience. Simply locking the door isn't going to help anything. As mentioned Matt is a one man army from a programming standpoint. So his plate is full. Seriously! Even by today's slower forum standards this Forum is  crawling,. Unfortunately you can hear a pin drop in here most days. Not saying there aren't some lurkers, but the community needs a boost man. NWDA does have a challenge we are planning as soon as the VR challenge is finalized... but ?? I don't know. I am just saying what many are emailing about. I had to say something.
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Actually we've had several people request the SDK. We have not turned anyone away, we just want to have the chance to discuss the functionality and limitations, and their intended use first. So far no one but Daniil has chosen to release their work publicly, but that's not because we're limiting anyone.

If there are interested programmers who want to experiment with the SDK, we invite them to contact us, by all means! And we regularly mention the availability of the SDK to people in support inquiries when relevant.

As to the busyness of this forum, it ebbs and flows certainly, but in terms of sheer number of posts and topics on average the activity here beats World Creator, World Machine (by a mile), and E-On's main public forums. I'm not sure about Cornucopia, but so much of the discussion on there is about their store items, which aren't exactly directly relevant to the core software discussion. We will hopefully see an uptick in activity with the 4.1 release and SIGGRAPH, but in general environment creation tool discussion is down all across the web (or at least more distributed, e.g. some on Facebook, some here, etc.), and I think we're faring reasonably well by comparison to other apps in the same space. But we certainly share the concern you have, and do keep an eye on it and try to encourage activity as we can, consistently referring people to the forums in support interactions, newsletters, and other communications.

- Oshyan


QuoteSo far no one but Daniil has chosen to release their work publicly
So they won't get any feedback from the alpha testers, which I think is working great in Daniil's awesome plugin. Too bad, actually (and making me curious too).


This plan sounds best of luck in the future.  :)



this is a great news, TGN opening up for programming community. I think business-wise this is a smart decision, thumbs up.

Unity/C# developer here with a basic C++ knowledge (wrote a simple raytracer in the past), working also with VEX/Python/JS. I do a lot of R&D for some companies. Would love to check out the SDK, but I can't guarantee fast feedback, so many commitments.

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