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Started by DocCharly65, January 20, 2021, 02:35:41 am

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Good morning everybody :)

After I almost completely lost the overview over the content of my "Life sign Topic" I decided to split my posts again just for a bit more order.

Parallel to some other renders I'm currently working very hard on some Silent Hill impressions. Of course not 100% recreated scenes from the games, but a few impressions of how I can imagine the atmosphere.

Today's post: Teaching a dagon fly (in the games the were no dragons but some flying monsters... more about them later ;)  )

This is the plan ("RAW Test" via screenshots from the TG 3D preview)

This was the first rendering test. But as you can see in the last seconds, the combination of DoF, fog and reflection on the dragons body is a killer!

The ambience will stay as it is. It's almost exactly what I wanted.
But we do a little arithmetic exercise in set theory ;)


PLUS this:

Masked by this:

Will look like this:

...and the dragon will fly...

parallel to that I am working on a monster for a nice little "duty-jumpscare" (probably nobody will be scared ... but I can try :) )
Two testrenders:
temp.0121.jpg  temp.0124.jpg

Happy scaring ;)


Very promising!! Looking forward to see more.


The mist is a great idea, makes it so much scarier.


The dragon flying over the church is ready now.
The compositing of the parts was a bit tricky but worked including a slightly horizotal blur (as a kind of mothion blur) for the dragon.

Animation of the dragon and the church - magix MIX  -  2021-01-29.mp4

Well, put it in the drawer and move on to the next section. :)
I want a small appearance of Cheryl and Harry Mason - Does anyone remember them?
Their look will be my interpretation as a combination of The games' and the movies' design. an of course it depends on what ki9nd of models I found.

I used the Renderpeople-Models "Lara rigged" and "Nathan animated walking"
I inported both into MIXAMO for a running animation.

I had a first successfull try of the renderjob concerning the general mood and the character animation. But I forgot to enable AA-Bloom so I had to restart today.

Here what it will look like:






Thanks :)
Some more animations to go...  :)


Another day another step extending the Silent Hill scene.

These days I experimented some more with that Cheryl and Harry Mason concept. They won't haveimportant roles in the film but offer a nice little side story.
E.g. a little part the original plot of the first game: Harry is on search for Cheryl in Silent Hill but when he sees her, she always runs away.

I created a new view of the town with some new building but the same old street as basics. Completely procedural including the zebra crossing based on simple rectangular shape shaders.



Here some raw animation tests (YT links visible but not officially listed):

Cheryl running away and a kind of dissapearing / and dejavue effect

Harry only found Cheryls teddy left...


Cheryl's pose when running away is awesome! I love it. She's obviously pretty scared of Harry 8)


Thank you Ulco :)

Today we'll have a first view of what is the center of the Silent Hill series: Pure violence and horror!
So unfortunately I have to ask younger or underage forum members to only look at this post with their hands in front of their eyes ... ;D

Here some shots from two of the monsters fighting. I will largely keep the darkness and fog. The death of any horror scene is when you see too much too clearly.

210208_1318.jpg 210208_1541.jpg 210210_0929.jpg 210210_1043.jpg

The Mummy was orinially from 3DRT and I changed some details until it was this walking armless lump of meat, which I animated with MIXAMO.
The flying worm monster is as I bought it from 3DRT.

Here the first successful RAW Test animating my first fight between two individuals who are in physical contact and react:

WURM Massaker - RAW Test 001 LQ.mp4

WURM Massaker Blickwinkel 02 - RAW Test 002 LQ.mp4

There'll be some curious audience watching and cheering on the fighters... 

The real horror will be the rendering ;D :
...volumetric fog, monster reflections, some lightsources, DoF, GI...