Painted Shader Flow Rate

Started by WAS, January 25, 2021, 11:54:07 PM

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Any way we could get a flow rate? Seems right now, when you click, it will pretty much immediately buildup to pure white. Not like Photoshop/Gimp/Paint where it builds up over a much longer time allowing brush strokes. It's so fast right now I have to do single clicks making drawing very blotchy in order to actually maintain a flow... Take the attached example plotting a young volcano. You just can't draw anything with flow settings without them being applied so fast it's nearly solid.


That's something I fell over as well; too much white at once, and a quite strong gradient. Could be much more faded to the sides. So, indeed, some more variables would be great, like an internal bias/gain function for gradient adjustment or so.


The "flow" parameter is the flow rate. Does that help?
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


It seems to be more like Photoshops Opacity setting. Cause it is applied as more opacity, but if you hold down to do a brush stroke to amount of that flowed brush that is applied is super fast and aggressive, making it hard to use a desired flow let alone get a nice stroke you attempted. 

I know im photoshop the flow applied is relative to how fast you are moving. Slow, its barely applied, and fast it stroked out quick as if running out of paint, or lifted the brush as you stroked.


Pressure on pen tip (in Wacom) is also used in PS for heaviness of a soft brush, which is excellent. Probably very hard to get that into TG.


Quote from: Dune on January 27, 2021, 02:35:43 AMPressure on pen tip (in Wacom) is also used in PS for heaviness of a soft brush, which is excellent. Probably very hard to get that into TG.
Yeah that would be cool too. I haven't dared used my WACOM with the painted shader. I struggle enough 😂


Painted Shaders

Use a Flow parameter setting like 0.02for a very light spray Increase this for thicker or more solid coverage You will see coverage increase in density the larger increment used.
I have often wondered if you can adjust altitude with the painted shader according to density of paint. Like the old classic terra generator ...... I suppose gray to bright white might work..

The diameter of your brush is also adjustable, smaller numbers pinpoint lines or outlines

You can mask painted areas by using black in Flow Colour


The problem here is you cannot use a desired flow without it built-up immediately, altering the look you want. And using less flow outside your range to defeat the buildup just gives you a totally different look in displacement and colour (and thus masking)

I think photoshop at least for the mouse has slight pause before applying buildup, allowing small precision strokes, and then applies it pretty gradually unless you move fast (though may be thinking of my brushes with the fade feature, which would be cool too). Maybe its all tied into movement speed of the mouse altogether. Some sort of ratio of speed to building up the brush.