2D Rain Example

Started by WAS, June 17, 2021, 01:52:56 AM

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Here is a animated 2D Rain rig with overcast clouds and "rain haze".

Example video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vAS0KW0Bem0X9c-Qm-8kDdX-NYIrWZXS/view?usp=sharing (Download for lossless quality)

I couldn't get procedural noise to work for the mask, it came through black and white polygony like teared streaks.

Update: Added another mask map with little better rain streaks.


thank you very much! good idea.


Thanks for sharing, Jordan! Too bad procedural didn't work, but well, this works!


You're both welcome.

I notice stretching on X/Z seems to work far better then Y (I'm not sure why?), so maybe could just do a large TIF render of streaks to use as the mask, so it doesn't have anomalies. Could also render out a much larger texture and make it seamless so rain looks more random. My scale is a bit large, thus I think more noticeable it's repeating so fast.


Very nice. Thanks for the share.

I'm curious why you connected the mask to the default's displacement slot, too. 

I know just the scene I want to use this for.


Displacement will create some bump for reflection/lighting for the glass to interact with. Maybe I just had things setup different, but the rain was either entirely hidden (just almost perfectly translucent), or solid specular streaks so I added disp which seemed to breakup specular and translucency, as if they're stretched cylinders.

It seems more realistic. Rain in the brights, less visible than rain in the dark areas, but also some variance of reflection on each streak.

I admit this share I made the rain kinda smaller but I was trying to match POV which maybe wasn't best for demonstration.



Here is procedural rain, with glass feature (so it's more realistic). Displacement is disabled though so it doesn't twinkle the same, but it has to be for procedural or default shader goes nuts aligning itself (should probably be texture space controls for maps, as opacity misaligns when disp is added).

You can disable the glass surface layer, and it will probably be faster (naturally) but the streaks won't transmit colours and light of the surrounding like water.