MicroExporter "Seamed" terrain

Started by WAS, March 27, 2021, 02:25:14 AM

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I am not sure what's going on here. This doesn't seem to happen with the rocks, and small scenes I export, but with large terrains, when viewed from a distance there is like a patchwork of dotted lines. But when you get closer, they start to disappear, at the cost of giant polygons showing with bad shading. The dots even stick OFF the obejct when viewed from the side (though not sure if that's just AA sampling).

Anyone encountered this? I tried to subdivide it and recalculated all the normals, and the object was welded.


Is this default terrain being displaced? It almost looks like an object with vertices. I do have this with clothing, when there's (apparently) not enough smooth polys. Not with terrain.

Oh, I see in your titel it's an obj. That might explain it.


Is this a micro-exporter you are bringing back into Terragen, are you deleting the duplicated vertices (and faces)?


deleted duplicated vertices and normals, yes. Also subdivided it cause it was a lower poly terrain. Seemed fine in poseray, and I zoomed in pretty far with it's opengl renderer with half my 4k display.


Quote from: WAS on April 01, 2021, 02:09:34 AM... Also subdivided it cause it was a lower poly terrain. ...
Most possibly that. Because the polygons of exported objects are as you know not quite ordered.
So subdividing can make it worse after a clean up (that should be carefully made too).


Unfortunately without that it looks worse as its all hard edges of polys, and a MPD 0.6-1 doesn''t load in poseray or TG. But hopefully thats fixed soon and wont be an issue, as a MP1 terrain should be fine even without doctoring.


Also had the idea of outputting a simpler smooth terrain and trying to use blender to apply the displacements with noise and painted masks. I tried in TG but didnt get fet far with the 3d preview spent an hour then accidentally painted the corner and didnt realize and painted whole viewport white :/ 

Idea with the obj eas to subdivide out the creases from alt limits and slope limits, Which actually works for this low terrain but can't actually get higher MPDs in



If you want to make kind of a animation, getting closer to that part for example;
make one bigger landscape object and one with the close look.
Then delete the close part from the big landscape and put the detailed object in there.
Other then this only the things we already talked come to my mind for better obj use.