Fractal Warp Scale Modulator

Started by WAS, March 23, 2021, 09:52:45 PM

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I think I asked this before but got no response.

The fractal warp scale modulator is not acting like an exponential scale modulator.

For example, if you set the scale to 1, and set the function to a scalar of 1000, it is is not producing a fractal warp effect like the default shader with scale set to 1000. It is a 0-1 range of the scale setting inputted into the shader, where values under 0.5 seem to do little or nothing...

I've been wanting to add it to functions but it's been broken for or awhile or since it's been added. Other scale modulators that are exponential seem to basically be multiplying, like fake stones and such. Scales at 1 with a scalar of 2 for modulator produces a scale of 2.


The Wiki page for the Fractal Warp Shader was recently updated. It has an explanation of the scale modulator and shows some examples.

The range of possible inputs is 0..1. It is exponential in the way it is applied, not in the range of inputs. I was thinking about renaming this feature to "scale filter".
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Oh wow, that page looks great now. Very informative.

That is a cool result that could be useful. It seemed before it was meant to exponentially modulate the scale, as in the setting scalar itself.

I am curious what is the fractal warp using to drive it's warping? PF style noise? I'm wondering how to approximately recreate it's rough look for functions? I usually use warper with a redirect, or vector displacement or just a displacement shader, and it's hard to get the rough rippony effect without it all just becomming noise from scale / noise roughness settings. Not sure if it's just not figuring out what settings to dial into the PF(s) or just not what's being used to create the effect?

I'd like to be able to warp some shaders within a complex node network without the user having to hunt it down. I suppose I could just stick the node in a group with a global bookmark, but it feels disconnected and unintuitive from the rest of the settings in their own group away from the function.