Object Conversion from TGO -> Other Software

Started by Stormlord, February 19, 2024, 08:45:29 AM

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I have a question regarding tgo converting.

I have some plants as .tgo files and want to export them to use, manipulate and editing them in other software packages.
All plants have several materials in their parts shader.

When I export the plant as a wavefront obj then I got an obj, which I can import into 3DsMax for instance, but with just one single generic material, no .mtl file is written during the export.
The exported obj will merge all different materials from inside the parts shader, into one general standard material. Arrrgghhhh...
When I import the exported obj, all faces have the same material ID too, so breaking the mesh apart into it's different materials is impossible.

When I export the plant as a lightwave file, it splits the tgo in all its layers but then the uvw coordinates are gone, they just say good bye my friend! Arrrgghhhh...

How can I export my tgo into other software formats without loosing uvw-coodinates and keep their different materials from the parts shader?
How do you export tgo into other software packages?