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Started by lightning, December 07, 2007, 10:24:09 pm

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Hey guys
i have finally finished school for the year and have started to write some tutorials for Terragen 2.
they are going to be aiming at the beginners who want to get started with Terragen 2 but don't know the basics.
my first tutorial is on navigating i know some people are having problems with navigating in terragen 2.
heres the link
i hope this will help some of you out.

my second tutorial is on surfacing in Terragen 2 it's nearly finished will probably upload it onto my website tomorrow.

please if you beginners are having trouble with anything in terragen 2 post it in this thread and i will see what i can do.

i am also going to write some tutorials for the little more experienced terragen 2 users as well such as how to create realistic looking clouds and in depth into surfacing and strata creation.

Thanx jack

sorry about the site its not finished yet!


thanx for the tutorial....but I think there is an error in the tutorial....

the last part about "Reset" button...assuming that you are talking about the reset button beside Pause button and above preview window....pressing the reset button will reset the preview window render and not reset the camera to default position...
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