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Started by WAS, April 06, 2021, 01:43:23 PM

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Anyone ever get this tool to do anything?

I have tried on 15mb files up to 500+mb and every time I select the option from Mesh -> Clean Up -> Fill Holes, blender immediately freezes with TG objects cleaned up with MeshRoom, or the TG object itself.

And by freeze I mean completely frozen, the menu I select from doesn't even have a chance to close. And If I click anywhere in blender the frozen program prompt to close or wait comes up.


So this function must just be really inefficient. I was able to get it to work on a 7mb obj, and that took about 10 minutes. But at 15 I was just getting a frozen blender for hours.


What do you mean? Using Meshroom to do it? No clue how to do it in Meshroom, only function I know doesn't actually seem to close any holes, and requires a tolerance which even if did work, I'm not sure would work for all sized holes without stepping through all possible tolerances. Blenders dynamically goes through and "looks" for holes.


Could Good thing that's what I was dyslexically thinking of when I wrote that post. I meant MeshLab too xD

The references I found said to use Merge Close Vertices, but it has a tolerance, and no matter what I try it either does nothing, or makes holes larger. And only seems to target a tolerance so anything above wouldn't be hit, so I think even if I did get it to work I'd have to step through and make sure no holes are left at different tolerances. But I can't even get it to work right.



I am confused too :)

When i tried Meshlab it didn't work with quads (i don't know my way around Meshlab).

For triangles i made an object with varied sizes of holes.
With default and small numbers it closed only the small ones.
When i used higher numbers it closed all of them.


What I use MeshLab for is in the following order:

1) Filter -> Cleaning and Repairing -> Remove Duplicate Vertices
2) Filter -> Cleaning and Repairing -> Remove Duplicate Faces
3 Can't figure out / Ignore) Filter -> Cleaning and Repairing -> Merge Close Vertices
4 Optional) Filter -> Remeshing, Simplification, and Reconstruction -> Simplification: Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation

The last option is to reduce geometry faces. Be sure to check the checkboxes for first three options in the window prompt. This actually works pretty well. It will obviously change the look the more you reduce but pretty decent if you need it.

When you do the first two steps, and export, you'll have a dramatically smaller file, and the change in look IMO looks better and seems to remove junk data.