Warpable Strat Shader

Started by WAS, April 09, 2021, 04:24:01 PM

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Is this just not possible or something? If it is, It would be really cool to have the shader updated to be warpable. In it's current state you can't really do much with it but strata lines. And if you start mixing them, it becomes obvious it's hard coded at 0,0,0 as it start creating artifact shapes by way of a huge + sign intersecting at 0,0,0

Also the smoother edges/creases would be amazing.


Indeed. Has been requested earlier, but it's a good reminder. There must be a blue node possibility, but that needs a mathematishian.


I tried switching the terracing effect to use altitude in texture, and the world literally exploded. Not sure why. Maybe someone knows?

PS load this in the node tree root, if it's imported in a container/internal group it will disconnect everything [anchored]. Not sure what's going on with that lately.



Maybe this is not what you mean WAS, but Dune showed me this solution when I asked some years ago.



I couldn't get this to work for my approach. It was actually already set up this way (convert to scalar) so I could have only the Y data. I think it's cause that's applied before the compute terrain, where this approach is as a shader to a terrain.