-1 seed be random

Started by WAS, April 11, 2021, 09:44:19 PM

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Could there be like a setting if you set the seed to -1 or something, each frame as a pseudo-random seed generated? Having to set a range of seeds for the frames is a little extra work, and then you gotta define a new range from a new sequence to not repeat the seeds.

Though not sure if negative seeds works and that interferes with possible seed combinations, but something to allow uncontrolled random generation would be top notch.


Well, if you multiply one random seed by another, you have quite a lot of seeds... (enough for a whole field :P )


??? ? I don't see how that's relevant to the point here. You have to manually set seeds for sequences. A range so say, settings key for frame 1 and last frame for it to pick seeds between, but then you gotta edit that for another go for another unique set of keys.

Why not just have a input which tells TG to spit out random seeds between 1 and xxxxxxx (whatever max int is for the field)?


Maybe I just didn't get your point. I just read about repeating seeds being an issue. Isn't there a 'random' blue node? Haven't checked that.


There isn't a random blue node that I'm aware of but I have requested it. Also a range no where you can set min-max ints and it draws and random int.

But that doesn't help almost all TG nodes not accepting a scalar as a seed input.

Another request of mine too; expose seeds to scalar inputs, and vector inputs to constant vectors (like transform input, transform merge, vector warp, clouds, sss, etc)

Matt said its a lot of work and some of those shaders he hasn't touched in over a decade. But the benefits sure seem to outweigh some time spent. It literally makes TG all that more powerful with functions.