Rotate Texture Space Function

Started by WAS, November 04, 2021, 04:31:23 PM

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Been learning a lot about things with Blender. It has a very mature community where you can find information for just about anything. Additionally, I haven't had too much issues porting logic from Blender to Terragen because of it's similar node systems.

To that effect, I have finally got a rotation function working in Terragen. So you can apply your own degrees via a scalar, reuse that setting, modulate it, etc.

These are very crucial features I find missing from the Transform Input Shader. It should allow 3 Vector inputs to control all it's settings. Sillyness to the max. So much we can't do because we can't procedurally do it without already being a level 94 Math Wizard from the land of Trigotopia.

Hopefully this can help some people trying to do large function and don't want to root around in it for rotation vectors.

Note: Yes, you can feed a texture/noise/pf into the X, Y, and Z inputs and rotate it. Using texture space as a base is purely for demonstration purposes, as even when you use a PF or something, texture space is still being rotated. Doing this will however produce a vector output which needs to be ran through a Colour to Greyscale, or extract Y (Y to scalar)


Well, if this is what I hope it is, you're a master. I've always wanted a procedural input for the transform shader, and asked for it several times. Let's check it out!


So far just rotation. I thought I found a formula for scaling but it was just a tutorial on how to use the mapping node (which is like TGs transform input node). Hunting some more today.