Force Ray Trace Sphere

Started by WAS, July 12, 2021, 01:11:44 PM

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I'm having issues. I wanted to do a bump planet, test out lighting, but I can't. Lol A sphere on Force Ray Trace doesn't render. It's only visible to the pre-pass. Ray traced poly sphere is invisible to both pre-pass and render.


When I turn on "Ray trace everything (not recommended)" on Renderers / Advanced tab it renders.
But it is not shown in the viewport / 3D preview (standard nor rtp).

CHeers, Klaus
/ ASUS WS Mainboard / Dual XEON E5-2640v3 / 64GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 TI / Win7 Ultimate . . . still (||-:-||)


Huh, strange. I guess that's an OK feature to activate for space stuff. At least I think. Thanks KlausK. Wonder what happened though. My Derelict scene won't render now if this is the case. Well at least the sphere won't.


Why would you want to force raytracing some item that's specifically micropoly (and can be displaced perfectly)? You can't render displacements on a (forced) raytraced object either, though that's something different.


I said that in the first post. Want to test bump lighting. TG is kinda sparing with orbital shadows with atmosphere and wanted to see the difference BECAUSE bump doesn't displace geometry and thus can get harder shadows without ridiculous displacement visible.

This also circles back to wanting to be able to use displacement and bump at once like other renderers or game engines (where it's "tessellation" or w/e)


Oh, yeah, I see now. I don't know if it would be easily implemented to have both. And Matt is supposedly very busy with other stuff, haven't heard from him for quite a while...


Hey guys,

Morning to ya all. Indeed, Matt is indeed busy working away, but I'm sure he'll pop his head up soon.

I'll slide this question to him.. :)