Terragen 2 Release Date Announcement

Started by Matt, December 12, 2007, 06:58:42 PM

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Terragen 2 Release Date Announcement

Planetside Software is pleased to announce the release date of its flagship product, Terragen 2, for 1st quarter 2008.

Terragen 2 Deep Edition will be released on the 15th of February, 2008 and will be available initially in a download-only format. A beta version will be released on the 4th of January, 2008 to licensed users. Final pricing for the Deep Edition will be announced closer to release and discounts will continue to be available for upgrades from Terragen v0.9 and for academic use. Pre-release pricing for Terragen 2 will continue until the 15th of February. The complete Animation module, with significantly enhanced animation tools will be made available later in 2008.

We regret that we were unable to meet our 2007 release window but we know that the quality of the end product is of greatest importance. We are confident that this slight delay will help ensure the final release is a stable, full-featured application ready for serious production use.

Terragen 2 features a robust displacement engine, powerful geometry instancing, a full planetary atmosphere model, and global illumination algorithms designed to complement its highly realistic volumetrics engine. The Deep Edition provides extensive control over the creation and appearance of a landscape rendering through its node interface.

Beta Version

We will be releasing a Beta version of the product on the 4th of January which will include significant improvements not seen in the Technology Previews released so far:

- Efficient utilisation of multi-core and multi-processor computers for rendering
- Ray-traced transparency and reflections with improved stability and rendering speed
- Important optimisations and corrections for global illumination and the rendering of atmospheres and clouds.
- Greatly improved long term stability of the user interface on Windows
- Multiple 3D previews and shader previews in separate windows, with the ability to view and manipulate various built-in orthographic views or any camera in a project
- A new navigation panel which lets you navigate around a scene quickly and easily using simple controls
- Many other additions and improvements to the user interface

The Beta version will be available only to licensed users of Terragen 2 Technology Preview, Deep Edition. We will continue to provide a free edition of Terragen 2 which will be available shortly after the final product release in February. Specific limitations of the free edition will be announced when it is made available.

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Matt Fairclough, Planetside Software
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