Gaseous Gigantus - Gas Giant Simulator

Started by WAS, July 19, 2021, 09:33:00 PM

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This program, which I have not tried yet, allows you to output a cubemap from the result of a simulation. You provide a image, which is your "Gas" base, and then a particle simulation runs and forms the gas planets layers. Could definitely be useful for someone.



What a crazy world... but a nice peace of software...



Looks super useful. I see it outputs a cubemap, and while I'm sure there's a way to covert from a cube map into an equirectangular projection, is there a way TG can work with a cubemap natively? (and preserve detail at the poles)


Hmm. I am not sure about that. I mean you could set up faces on a sphere and hope seams align right, but I am not positive it would work well.

However, it seems most panoramic software and 360 software can do this. I found this online one:

I am assuming there would be file limitations on this, unfortunately. If this was JavaScript based and didn't need to upload anything it would be a lot better.

Apparently though @Matt could add support for cubemaps: Someone may even be able to translate to functions like @mhaze ,or even @Hetzen