Tri Hill

Started by mhaze, July 31, 2021, 05:22:29 am

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Based on a Gaea export modified to give the three hills(with SSSs), locally eroded with Danii's erosion plugin and a crater shader added for the lake. Veg from a variety of sources, Dune, Xfrog and some I made in Speedtree. Not forgetting the birds by Hannes I believe.


I think I like this one even better than your previous. Nice work!


THank you, much appreciated.


Looks great. I like the vegetation colouring.


Thanks Was, veg inspiredby a walk in th mountains, though it's not actually. completely correct!


Nice rock work as before!  Are the hills eroded and then displaced, or did you mask the erosion around the rocky areas?


Thanks. The rocks were eroded in Gaea then displaced in Terragen. The centre rock was created with a SSS and then eroded with Danii's classic erosion.


I agree with all the others! Great render. I like the vegetation and the different spots of colors too!


I dunno if it's useful for anyone, but i found when doing lateral displacement over erosion or tight transitions from flat to walls is limiting the displacement to 1 (slope) and the fuzzy zone at what you would set to  the starting area. So like 30 or 40.