Sunrises on a exoplanet graviting around a double star

Started by Wandobel, June 13, 2020, 05:19:25 PM

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Terragen allows you to put several suns in the sky.
Note that, more powerful softwares don't give you this possibility!
However, this situation is common in the Universe. You find it on each planet which is travelling around a double (or triple or more!) star.
Here, I imagine an exoplanet graviting around Albireo : a double star mode of a little blue and a great orange star.
What should be the sky on such a planet?
Discover it here. Mathematics and computer have created colours on the shadows I was not waiting for.
This is magic of simulation, it allows You to discover what you not even imagined!
See what is sunsrise on such a planet.


That's a great first posting! Welcome. Very subtle animation.


"My God, it's full of Stars!" - Dave Bowman 2001 a space odyssey



What settings did you put to get such a clean image? My animation look to sharp, at first I thought it was the low angle of star but then you're showing the full cycle and it's nice and smooth ☺️