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Started by Balletdude, July 08, 2021, 06:23:03 AM

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As We all know Terragen is used in a lot of high end films and games, either in on screen effects, or concept art.
There's a number of these films and shows available as 'art of..'  eg art of Game of Thrones, Art of the Last Jedi etc Does anyone own any of these books, and is there reference to terragen, either in text or pictures in them?




No, these books do not mention any software whatsoever.
They do not showcase stuff like you find in specialized 3D magazines.
They are books showing sketches, drawings and concept art. Very little 3D at all.
It is not a making of collection though there are some which show scale models or sets.
The text is about "the story behind the story" so to speak.
Design approaches, design decisions, thoughts behind the designs of characteres or building or props.
That kind of stuff...

To be honest they often look like being made/drawn/painted after the fact - the movie that is.
They are, mostly, marketing and by-products of the "franchise". Information level is not very high, I think.
But don`t let that stop you. They are full of beautyful pictures.

A better place to look for that kind of information are the studios that worked on a particular movie.
Their making of`s are often very detailed and interesting.

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I've got quite a few of the books, mainly the Disney ones. Just wondering if the actual ones had of the live action films had anything. The Game of thrones one has some concept art which has the look of Terragen landscapes, but that's all
Thank you for your reply


Don't forget the Paramount logo!


I think Ulco has work out that's in a book. Not Film related though. I still want to get a copy of it though.


I've just got my TG work in about 20 books, or so. Latest is this one: https://boydellandbrewer.com/9781783275618/frisians-of-the-early-middle-ages/


I used it quite a lot on Top Gun: Maverick.