Background Sphere Enlarging

Started by WAS, August 08, 2021, 02:29:52 PM

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When the background sphere is too l arge it starts breaking up (top half doesn't render, blank line through bottom hemisphere) and at 1e+09 it just simply doesn't render out anymore in a full render, but is fine in 3d preview.

I would love to be able to do planet shots from further away, incorporate the sun, and still have stars in one project, but not sure it's possible in current state.

Hoping this could be improved.


There is an issue with texturing the background sphere and CPU affinity. I am only using 8 of 12 cores, however, when rendering background stars, the computer will severely lock up, unable to even move the mouse. The only thing that fixes it briefly is Alt + Tab which also ironically changes CPU affinity to whatever you're tabbing too. But even then it will lock up a few moments later so you either just wait for the render to finish or have to Alt + Tab to pause the render. I am not sure what this is about. RAM is well within range at only a couple gigabytes. When I try to watch the CPU though, the graph freezes. But from what I can see TG is using 8 cores of 12 and should be plenty of wiggle room to operate the system. Heck, I usually use 10 of 12 and am fine doing anything else.  :\

This exclusively only happens with my background stars / 2d nebulas projects. Even at base background sphere scale.