Problems please help

Started by rovingmarsmedia, September 11, 2021, 03:50:45 AM

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Hi all, 

I'm very new to Terragen, going on 24 hours now. I've run into a problem and not sure how to troubleshoot. 

Everything was working great until about an hour ago. When I try to zoom out everything stretches in the viewport. 

If I zoom all the way up away from the planet, and then zoom backwards to reveal the whole planet, the mesh/planet/object stretches. 

I can't find a topic about it online anywhere.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled and that hasn't fixed anything. 

Any suggestions?


it looks like you used the zoom buttons from the top right navigation wheel.
on the top part of the software go to "cameras" select your camera and be sure your "use horizontal fov" isnt on extreme values.

If anything is still messed up, try to create a new camera and delete the old one.


Yeah, you're zooming which changes FOV. You want to use the arrows of the navigation menu in the top right to move forward or back. The button between the zoom in and out, resets to default.