StrataGen now available as web app

Started by Kranky, September 22, 2021, 09:52:42 AM

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Hello everyone,

long time ago (2004 :o ) I built an app to generate strata textures. I recently noticed that browsers and Windows made it difficult to download or run StrataGen 2 since it is an very old compiled exe without any signature (If you ignore the warnings, the software still works fine but I don't want to recommend that to anybody - that is bad practice).
A new version is available as a web app because I'm not able to recompile a new exe.

I will update the website in the next days to link to the new web app and take the old setup offline.
There is no way to save settings or undo actions on the web app but maybe this is still useful for some of you  :)



Awesome thanks heaps! I remember using this often back in the day with TG Classic     |


Oh cool! looks easy to use and fast.


Thanks very much, Kranky! I forgot all about it, but it's handy to have at hand.