Alien planet

Started by Hannes, September 27, 2021, 04:42:27 AM

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This is the animated version of my "Alien planet" image.
I wanted to see how it looks in motion. In the original image I used a cloud layer for the ring in the foreground. This is OK for a single image, since it renders extremely long. But for the animation I faked it by using the semi transparent ring object itself, which looks a bit like the cloud layer and renders way faster. I added some more small rocks for the ring and additionally I animated the rotation of the larger rock instances. Since I already had edited lots of them, the rotation doesn't look too uniform. I have no idea, if the debris in a planet ring moves at all, but I took the artistic freedomgive it some motion.



Looks great. Good choice to give the rocks some motion. Might be nice to try a shot travelling along the rings.

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Wonderful stuff Hannes ! ... as always :)


Unbelievable great stuff, Hannes!


Great! The stones' movements are very subtle.


Looks cool Hannes. I would love to see a slower and longer camera movement over these rings :)


Much better exhausts now. Great Work!


Quote from: DocCharly65 on October 27, 2021, 10:54:32 AMMuch better exhausts now. Great Work!
Maybe the wrong thread, Nils? ;D ;D ;D


uuups... I had opended too many tabs in the explorer... sorry ... already replied in the correct one ;D ;D ;D